What they said about the Masquerade


•The Masquerade Ball was utterly, utterly fantastic. The music, the entertainment, and the especially the opportunity to watch incredible dancers in costume and participate in that—we’ve been talking about it nonstop all day Saturday and all day Sunday. It would take me an hour to go through all the different parts that were so wonderful. So, way to go. Thank you so much. 
		~John Gibson

•Everything was wonderful! It was the first time I had been to Century Ballroom and I was so impressed. The music was incredible, the costumes a lot of fun. …it was a wonderful experience. Thank you.  

•The Masquerade Waltz Ball at the Century Ballroom was AWESOME. The mystique of the mask was magical.
		 ~Heber Farnsworth

•I enjoyed the dance last night. I appreciate all the work you put into creating this event. It was a new experience – and an interesting one – being in disguise and being with people in disguise.

I took your advice and got there early, and got a parking spot right across the street from the ballroom. I was one of a very few who had something to eat at the Century before the dance. I had a tasty light meal. It will be nice when the Century has their new dining room open.

As always, I enjoyed the music of the Valse Cafe Orchestra. It is wonderful dancing to their music. What a marvelous feeling it is to dance the last dance – with a good dancing friend – to the music of the Blue Danube in a such a lovely setting. It just doesn't get much better than this! Thank you. 
		~Mary Lou Harris

•Thanks for a great Masquerade Ball on Friday. Super music with Valse Café Orchestra and great entertainment. 
			~Rich Fisher

•I had a blast at the Masquerade Ball tonight. Thanks so much for organizing it and making it happen in the beautiful Century Ballroom. It was the perfect place for such an event. I decided to go with the total disguise look this year. I'm already into thinking what I want to do for next year. 

I'm so glad I'm a dancer. What would life be like if we didn't know anything about such a thing as how to dance at a Masquerade Ball?
		 ~Mary Beth O’Neil

•The Masquerade Ball was far beyond expectations. It was a wonderful party. We had a ball. 
		~ Shirley & Eric

•That was the coolest dance I ever went to, that Masquerade ball.
	       ~Bob Pretlow

Dear Dean, Susan and Hallie,

Congratulations on producing such a wonderful evening.  We knew the music and dancing would be top notch, but the bistro atmosphere contributed a lot and the special entertainment was a surprise we thoroughly enjoyed.

From personal experience, we know all the preparation and behind the scenes work that goes into making an event like this appear like it is "just happening" magically and effortlessly and we very much appreciate your hours and hours of effort.  

Plus, it is one thing to offer a periodic "special occasion," but entirely another to continue to produce high quality events like the tea dances month after month.  We always feel confident that we can
invite friends and know that they will thoroughly enjoy themselves.

All the best in your endeavors, 
		~Julie and Terry Cheetham