Masquerade 2015


Click the button and listen to the Second Waltz by Dmitri Shostakovich as performed by world-renowned violinist Karen Bentley Pollick (above) and the Valse Cafe Orchestra, a taste of what you’ll hear when you’re dancing with us January 30.

What dancers say about the Masquerade:

“That was the coolest dance I ever went to, that Masquerade Ball.”        ~ Bob Pretlow

What can we say? We have to agree. The Masquerade has it all: three hours of dancing to one of the best dance orchestras on the West Coast, and with musical mix that includes swing, blues, foxtrots, Latin, tangos, waltzes of all tempos and one exuberant polka. It draws the good dancers. It fills the de rigueur band breaks with art and on-the-edge cabaret. And, of course, it puts you in dis-guise, slips a mask over your face, a simple act that can transform a good enough waltz into a magical ride around the ballroom.

We balance for Leads and Follows. We limit attendance to keep the floor flowing. Know that past Masquerades have not been “couples” events, but evenings where dancers trade partners aplenty – because that’s the magic of Masquerade: Just who is that in my arms? Who am I behind this mask? Who do I want to be this night – in my dis-guise?

“The mystique of the mask was magical,” said Heber Farnsworth after the first Masquerade in 2009. “The Masquerade Waltz  Ball at the Century Ballroom was AWESOME.”

The show begins at 8:30 p.m. and the dance at 9. Tickets are $50 advance, $60 day of show (if any remain). We also say it’s the best value in town. Here’s why: The Masquerade is much more than a dance; to create this night of magic takes the talents of about 30 musicians, artists, performers and theatre professionals, all of who receive modest pay for their art and energy. The result, of course, is special, but it’s almost unheard of to get these many professionals in one show for $50.

Remember the only rule: No mask, no entry. It’s how a true Masquerade works. (We keep some masks available at the the door for $5, and there is an optional unmasking near the end of the first dance set – though many choose to stay in dis-guise the entire evening.) For tickets and more information:

The Masquerade’s co-creator, Susan Balshor, passed away in 2013 just two days before Masquerade 5. We dedicate this evening’s revelry – and mystery – to Susan, and expect her spirit to join with us in what we came to call her cathedral: the Century Ballroom.

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